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About us

Our Story, Our Studio,

Our Team

Hey babe, thanks for stopping by!

Firstly, if you are here it probably means we need to say a massive

congratulations on the engagement! Hope you're ready for a crazy ride to

becoming a Wifey and hopefully we can help you easily tick one thing off

your list!

We hope to have you in at Flamingo Boulevard to try on all our gorgeous

pieces - if you are looking for a less traditional dress, little more modern and

more laid back and to try on in a relax atmosphere (no pushy sales tatics

here!), then we may be the perfect boutique for you!

Read on for the 'Why's, What's & Who's?'

Flamingo Boulevard Bridal first opened it's doors May 2017 and grew from a

struggle for me (Jazmin) finding my own 'non-traditional' wedding dress. My

search for something a little bit different was a tricky one and I didn't want

Brides feeling how I did, settling fo

something that might not be perfect because 1. options are just not there

and 2. because they are told 'that's not a wedding dress' - well babes, we

are here to sort out both those problems!


I got married in April 2015 in sin city, Las Vegas! It wasn't a quick run away

and get married kinda thing and in fact we planned for 2 long years to create OUR dream wedding day. We got married in the Flamingo Hotel on Flamingo Boulevard (all makes sense now yes?!) and I knew from day one how my dress was going to be and that was short, easy to move and dance the day and night away in... BUT like most girls I meet they are told that 'it's not bridal enough' or 'you can't wear that for your wedding!' so I'm here, on your side and fighting your corner to say wear what YOU want!

After working in bridal for years and from my experience getting married I knew that there would be others like me and I wanted to make the process of finding something 'different' an enjoyable one, so along came Flamingo Boulevard Bridal!

After 7 amazing years in business we call The Secret Warehouse home which - like our dresses - is a little unconventional, not overly bridal but is absolutley perfect for us! I wanted to create a space that felt like home and somewhere our Brides can feel comfortable trying on our dresses. I could have easily stuck to the normal shop setting, the plush bridal boutique feel and the probably more 'professional' atomsphere you would expect from a traditional wedding dress shop, however this isn't right for Flamingo Boulevard Bridal. Flamingo Boulevard Bridal is so much more than all those things and I hope you get the feeling of becoming part of the family from the minute you step through the door because trust me, we will ask you a million questions about your big day because we are interested and totally wedding obbsessed!

Flamingo Boulevard Bridal is more than just a business for me, it is my life. I eat, sleep (not that I do much of that like) and breathe it and I hope that shows if and when you come and try on in our studio.

Our Team

& Your Biggest Cheerleaders




Owner & Stylist


+ cleaner, administrator, instagrammer,  brides biggest cheerleader, train fluffer...


her doggy duo, Dude & Bruce / vegas /
disco balls / tequila /& fb obvs

+ tiktok wiz, therapist to Brides, professional cryer (that's the both of us actually!)


baby niece, Hallie / Margarita's / LFC /
a cheeky holiday in the sun

What's your best piece of advice for a FBBRIDE?

Jazmin - "youre never going to please everyone so do what feels most you and I promise you wont regret it"

Alys - " feel good and fabulous in yourself and youre sytle, and the rest will follow.

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